Welcome to our new Division. It’s been a long time coming and probably overdue in the market.

The COLLECTIONS concept is a direct response to what we’ve learnt from holding Refurb workshops across the country. They say to reach pure simplicity is the hardest thing to do. Well distilling our major contract business into a streamlined “Refurb System” for the mid-market has taken some time to perfect but we think we got there.

As this website develops you will see COLLECTIONS is not about selling product packages. It’s more of a Hotel Refurb resources company. We are all about finding ways to keep the costs down but still transform the Guest Room. There are lots of tricks of trade that we will continue to give away and we hope this site will develop into a place where our Clients also share their stories, product ideas etc.

A taste of what’s coming :


A new set of designs will blend different materials and finishes with the use of new age metals.

More of the latest trends from Europe are coming with more up market products to differentiate from ’14 which was designed specifically for the mid-market hotel / Motel market.


Coming very soon.



Refurbishment Workshops will continue to be held in regional Australia this year. If you have an interest to meet with the Team to learn the tricks of the trade, please send us a note.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Simon P Carmody
Managing Director

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