We are all about Refurb strategies here at COLLECTIONS and our chief strategy we advocate for is a Staged Roll-out – For small properties that’s typically 5 Guest Rooms and for larger it may dictated by Room Type numbers.

This provides for some updated marketing collateral and exciting rooms to kick-start Bookings. By rolling out over 18mths or two years, means you have more rooms to sell and for those disgruntled or specials VIP guests, something to bump them up to.

In addition to promoting this Staged Roll-out strategy, we spent some considerable amount of years developing a Finance Solution, specially designed for our Product. To our knowledge, it’s the only one of its kind.

The Highlights:

  • Finance is offered by an independent finance Company.
  • AUD $50k finance or less is only a Two Page Application Form and No Security required.
    • Indicative Guide ; AUD $30,000 Project Budget excl GST
    • =AUD $720 p/mth or 5 rooms @ $144 ea. p/mth excl GST
    • x 60 payments. Commences only when Goods are installed.
    • Please check for latest rates as they move accordingly to the money markets.
    • Residual/Balloon of $1 with Transfer of ownership of goods to yourself.
    • Benefits:
      • The entire payment is 100% Tax deductible – not on your Balance Sheet as a Liability.
      • You will need your own tax advice and I can ask our finance partner to help you but based upon the standard Company Tax Rate, your tax rebates should substantially negate the interest cost.
      • The entire Room cost including All Trade work (painting, electrical, design fees etc) can be included within the financing.


Finance is for available for Australian clients only at this stage. For all other countries, please register your interest. Applications are subject to Credit checks.

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