Q: Do you make custom pieces?  Yes for  quantities greater than x 25 items.

  Q: Can you send me a Catalogue?  We prefer to personally take each of Clients through the COLLECTIONS Tool-kit personally. Please call us to schedule a visit from one of representatives.

  Q: How do we place an Order?  After acceptance of our Quotation, there’s a small terms and conditions agreement to sign.

  Q: How long do the products take to arrive?  Typically 12 weeks from place of Order.

  Q: Do you install the furniture?  Yes we can but the COLLECTIONS product range is designed to be installed with ease. Most of our clients find it easy to DIY.

  Q: Do we need to employ our own trades?  Usually not but occasionally an electrician is needed to relocate power points. Our own Builder will access if any trade work is required.

 Q:  Do you offer finance? Yes. In fact we’ve designed 

 Q:  Do I need my own interior designer? If you are happy with the COLLECTIONS range, then no. However we are very happy to work along side your own Designer.

  Q: Do you refurb Public Areas, restaurants etc. ?  CARMODY GROUP has a contract team that provides design and construct public area refurbishments but generally if the scope is not large, we can provide design services allowing you to engage your own Build team.

 Q: Do you Bathrooms?  While we do have solutions for bathrooms, we typically just provide advice on selections and designs and our clients purchase their own products and engage their own trades.