Welcome to our new Division. It’s been a long time coming and probably overdue in the market. The COLLECTIONS concept is a direct response to what we’ve learnt from holding Refurb workshops across the country. They say to reach pure simplicity is the hardest thing to do. Well distilling our major contract business into a streamlined “Refurb System” for the mid-market has taken some time to perfect but we think we got there. As this


We are all about Refurb strategies here at COLLECTIONS and our chief strategy we advocate for is a Staged Roll-out - For small properties that's typically 5 Guest Rooms and for larger it may dictated by Room Type numbers. This provides for some updated marketing collateral and exciting rooms to kick-start Bookings. By rolling out over 18mths or two years, means you have more rooms to sell and for those disgruntled or specials VIP guests, something